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Shandong International Trust Co., Ltd. was established as a non-banking financial institution in March 1987, with the approval of the people's Bank of China and the People's Government of Shandong Province. In August 2007, we changed our name to "Shandong International Trust Corporation" after acquiring the new Financial Business Permit from the China Banking Regulatory Commission. We successfully converted into a joint stock company with limited liability in July 2015, and officially changed our name to “Shandong International Trust Co., Ltd.” after completing the renewal procedures on industrial and commercial registration. Now we are the director member of China Trustee Association.


Since we are founded, we keep making our efforts in serving economic society growth by applying trust platform and developing the ability of entrusted asset management. Through building the platform of wealth management and service of investment, we provide professional, varied and personalized comprehensive investment service for numerous investors and we also offer outstanding financing service to the development of national and local economy.


We aim to establish the professional first-class asset management and excellent comprehensive financing service provider; by now we have become a comprehensive financing service institution with the major business of capital trust, asset trust, investment bank, asset management and securities investment funds and various investment type including loan, equity investment, securitization and finance lease. We now have multiple qualified corporate partners and loyal customers with high net worth and have formed regulatory company management system. We now have growing comprehensive strength, increasingly approaches to make profits, good social reputation and brand influence. 


In the aspect of long-term equity investments, we pay high attention to the financial industry policy, and make great effortto build a comprehensive financial service platform. We have invested in several financial institutions, such as First-Trust Fund Management Co., LTD, Fullgoal Fund Management Co., LTD, Minsheng Securities, Taishan Insurance, Dezhou Bank and Shandong Haowo Vehicle financing LTD.  


The recent-years growth of our company has been recognized and praised by all society. China Trustee Association started to assess the trust industry since 2016, and give highest rating of A to our company for two years. We have been awarded honorary title of advanced company contributing to financial development in Shandong by the governance of Shandong. Also, we have been awarded the prize of Shandong financing innovation for successive three years. In the entire province of companies’ evaluation taken by department of finance of Shandong, we are rated the highest AAA for four years in a row. 

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