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SITC has always been committed to a high standard of corporate governance system. By regulating the powers and responsibilities of board of shareholders, board of directors, board of supervisors and the management, the company builds an effective mechanism of checks and balances among power institutions, decision-making bodies, supervisory bodies and operators to ensure that the decision-making and operating activities are scientific, normative and effective.

The board of directors consists of Strategies and Risk Management Committee、Business Decision Committee、Human Resources and Nomination Committee、Trust Committee、Audit Committee and Remuneration Committee.

Each subject has a clear description of its job responsibilities, authorities and rules of procedure. They perform their duties and responsibilities independently and give a full play to the role of checks and balances as well to ensure the healthy development of the company.

In accordance with the nature of the business, the company sets up clear responsibilities of departments and positions, formulates clear and perfect business processes and operation standards. At present, the company sets up 30 departments and offices (including 4 second-level off-site departments) to guarantee the smooth development of the company.

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