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Shandong International Trust Co., Ltd. Held 2015 Work Summary and Commendation Meeting

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Shandong International Trust Co., Ltd. (SITC) held 2015 work summary and commendation meeting on February 2nd, 2016 to praise those outstanding departments and employees of the past year, to mobilize all the staff in unifying mind and effort, to accelerate the pace of business transformation and innovative development, to create a new vision of business in the year of 2016. The meeting begins with commendation to excellent teams and individuals who made outstanding achievements in 2015.

Wang Yingli, Chief Secretary of CPC SITC Committee and General Manager, reported 2015 annual work summary on behalf of the company's management team at the meeting. She said, thanking to the support and cooperation from Lucion Group and its subordinates, SITC overcame pressure and challenges in the past year. Through various activities in the “Year of Enhancement in Ideological and Political Work” in 2015, focusing on business transformation and innovative development, SITC fulfilled a varies of economic targets and operated soundly and smoothly by seriously implementing the decisive deployment of “quality and efficiency improvement”, by actively responding to severe and complicated economic situation, by optimizing structure of trust products and by enhancing risk management ability. 

2016 is the beginning year of 13th “Five-Year Plan" and an important year for SITC in business transformation and innovative development. Taking 2016 as the “Year of Breakthrough in Business Transformation and Innovation" in the co-existence situation of both challenges and opportunities, Wang Yingli pointed out that SITC will  continue to uphold the basic principles of prudent operation in standardizing traditional businesses, seizing new businesses and widening sustainable businesses. SITC will push ahead five major works, which includes advancing equity diversification reform in order to improve our business operation to a new level, speeding up business transformation and upgrading in order to comply with the national strategy and market changes, discovering new business opportunities through integrating with complicated requirements for trusts in hot spot fields, innovating business structures and management mechanisms in order to create new profit growth points, strengthening precise services by security system construction.

SITC has a profound tradition in achieving excellence, and will take a new start with endeavor. Wang Yingli said with emotion that the company's rapid development and achievements rely on hard work and labor of every staff, and on constant support and understanding of every staff's family. The entrepreneurial spirit, known as cooperation, determination, persistence and courage, is the most precious wealth of SITC. With the leadership of Lucion Group’s CPC Committee and the new management team, we have confidence in meeting all kinds of challenges, attaining new achievements and advancing new developments with confidence and enthusiasm.


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