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SITC held a lecture on special topics of "Global asset allocation"

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SITC invited Mr. John M. Neuhauser who works in the Wall Street, to deliver a lecture on special topics of "Global Asset Allocation" in the conference room on the 16th floor of Lucion Building in the morning of May 29th, for the purpose of widening the international vision of its employees, helping them to understand the latest relevant trend on the global allocation of assets.

Mr. John M. Neuhauser is the founder and president of Cholfont Hill Capital Corporation,has more than 20 years’ experience of agency practice on private investment funds, corporate financial advisers, etc. He is good at seeking investment value from every stage of the life cycle of an enterprise. At the same time, he is the Editor and Publisher of The Risk Observer.

During the two-hour lecture, Mr. Neuhauser focused on talking about the development history and the current situation of Shadow Banking System in the United States, as well as discussing the investment value and risk response of shadow banking around the global asset allocation topic. Mr. Neuhauser put forward an idea-- "Paying attention on the factors of discovering the asset’s value through investment activities,  of the macro analysis on Geopolitics, in combination with field research are far more important than only staring at financial statements”. In the following question and answer session, Mr. Neuhauser expressed his views on the issues of the development of gold and oil investment, the direction of domestic consumer financial from his own investment experience and so on. The whole lecture was rich in content. There were not only theoretical height, but also the guidance of the actual operation, which will make our Employees have a more comprehensive and deeper understanding of the international asset allocation and wealth management business.


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