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Learning the Party history,understanding the Party situation,strengthening the Party Spirit -- the CPC secretary Wang Yingli of SITC has a lecture on party history

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Our company has many young Party members. For the purpose of further strengthening their understanding on CPC history, SITC held an activity of “CPC secretary lecturing Party history” on May 30th. The party secretary comrade Wang Yingli delivered a vivid lecture on the topic of “Learning the Party history, understanding the Party situation, strengthening the Party Spirit". The members of CPC committee, Party branch secretary and committee members, and all the party members of the first party branch participated in the lecture.


"The amendment on Party Constitution in the 18th conference of CPC representatives is the 16th revision of the constitution since the birth of our Party. The history of amendment on Party Constitution is the miniature and display of our Party’s great development experience in 95 years", said Secretary Wang Yingli in the lecture. Her lecture focuses on the aspects of the importance and necessity about learning Party history, 9 important meetings in the CPC history, and three shifts in the focus of Party’s work. She narrates in detail the bitter and brilliant history and glorious achievements of our Party from its birth to development and strengthening, from the establishment of new China to leading the people of all ethnic groups build a well-off society. Secretary Wang Yingli discussed and shared her thoughts from her personal experience with the Party members attending in the lecture. She emphasized that all the Party members should absorb nutrients from the history of the Party, enhance our party spirit, stand firmly on our ideals and faith, and maintain the true qualities of Party members.

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