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SITC implements “double-recording” mechanism in trust products sales

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Recently, in order to effectively guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of clients, standardize the financial managers’ manner of sales, and further realize the openness and transparency of trust product marketing sales, Shandong International Trust Co., Ltd. (SITC) implements the "double-recording" working mechanism, namely there would be simultaneous audio and video recordings during the whole process of our trust product sales and the contract signing.

According to the requirements of government regulatory, SITC implements this work in combination with the actual situation. Starting from the hardware and software, we steadily promote the “double-recording” mechanism in orderly patterns. In terms of hardware, the company reorganizes the layout of the wealth management center service hall, establishing trust product sales area, equipping each financial manager with professional financial position and recording equipments. As to the software aspect, wealth management center offers our financial managers a group training regarding this new working mechanism. Also, we formulate relevant business processes and operating manuals, which provide a strong guarantee of the full development of the “double-recording” mechanism.

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