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SITC Held a Work Summary Meeting of the First Half of the Year 2016

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SITC held a Work Summary Meeting of the First Half of the Year 2016 (hereinafter referred to as ‘the meeting’) on  July 25th, which outlined the achievements of the various works in the first half of this year, intelligently planned the key works and pointed out the direction to improve the performance in the later this year. At the same time, it also held the signing ceremony of the Business Department’s “Responsibility Agreement on Business Performance”. This meeting was hosted by Wan Zhong, the General Manager. SITC senior managers and all members of middle-level cadres attended this meeting. 

In the meeting, each department presented its work summary report of the first half of 2016 respectively, as well as the present challenges and plan-making on the second half of 2016. In the first half of this year, the senior managers in SITC united and led all staff to adhere to the core values for steady and healthy operation, to fully implement the decisions and arrangement on “Improving Quality and Increasing Benefits”, to continue to progress the work of making 2016 as the “Year of breakthrough in business transition and innovation”, to accelerate the optimization and upgrading of the structure of the trust products; to enhance risk management capabilities and achieve high levels of organizational performance.

Regarding the following business development, the responsible persons in each department spoke actively at the meeting. The senior managers of the company also presented their work ideas and suggestions about company operations in a warm and friendly atmosphere. As a result, all the participants reached a series of consensus, which formed a productive foundation for the work of SITC in the later this year and the forthcoming year.

Wan Zhong, the General Manager of SITC, delivered the summary speech after listening carefully to all the reports and discussions. He pointed out that the work summary meeting was successful, and everyone expressed what they want to say. This meeting summed up the experience and proposed ideas for the company’s development, which achieved the objectives of mutual enlightenment and a consensus of opinion. The company has achieved appreciated performance in the first half of the year. However, on one hand, we should have a sense of urgency that the time will not wait for us, should spark the second entrepreneurial passion so that accelerating the pace of business transition and innovation. On the other hand, we should summarize the experience, concentrate fully on accomplishing the annual operation targets through using financial instruments in a right way.

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