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Shandong Council for Social Security Fund visited SITC

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On the afternoon of August 2nd, Mr. Chen Xiangdong, the vice president of Shandong Council for Social Security Fund (Shandong SSF), along with his delegation visited SITC, and conducted research on the development status of SITC and the trend of trust industry.

At the meeting, Mr. Wan Zhong, the general manager of SITC reported relevant information, highlighting the economic situation, risk management, competitive edge and future development ideas. The two sides sincerely discussed further in-depth cooperation and reached considerable consensus and intention.

Mr. Wang Guangxin, the director of Shandong SSF Finance Equity Department,Mr. Jiao Xinli, the deputy director of Shandong SSF Security Investment Department, Ms. Zhou Jianqu, Mr. He Chuangye and Mr. Song Chong, the vice general managers of SITC and Mr. Fu Jiguang, the chief risk management officer of SITC attended the meeting.

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