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SITC starts the activity of “Entering, Walking and Visiting” among enterprises in Shandong Province

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According to the arrangement of China Banking Regulatory Commission, Shandong Office, which requires to start “an activity of the principals of Banking and Financial Institutions entering ten thousand private enterprises, walking into one thousand key projects and visiting one hundred Enterprise Parks” (shortened as “Entering, Walking and Visiting” activity), SITC launched this activity from this September. During the following three months, the management board and the heads of business departments will visit 23 enterprises in Shandong Province in order to strengthen the intercommunication and cooperation between Trust and Enterprises, provide comprehensive financial service program for the enterprises.

Based on the arrangement of the activity, Linyi Chengde Real Estate Development Co. Ltd. is the first enterprise. On September 7th, the general manager Wan Zhong and deputy general manager Song Chong of SITC visited Chengde Real Estate Company and were passionately welcome by the company’s shareholder Fu Buyong, and CFO Li Chengxiang, etc. Chengde Real Estate Company is a high grade loan customer of SITC. During this visiting, Wan Zhong and Song Chong investigated the loan-using project on-the-spot, listened carefully to the Company’s introduction on the aspects of management and operation, got to know the circumstances about enterprise development status, real estate development plan and fund demanding. Both parties hope to deepen the cooperation and pursue win-win profits in a larger degree. SITC will continue to give financial support to the newly developed projects of Chengde Real Estate Company through trust products in the future, aiming to promote the Company’s stable and healthy development.

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