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As a state-owned financial institution, SITC not only endeavors to create value for equity holders during the process of its growing and development, but also undertakes responsibility in terms of national and social development, natural environment and resources and many other interest related parties such as investors, employees and clients by taking advantage of trust’s mechanism and function, which effectively combines the double purposes of seeking economic gain and undertaking social responsibility.

?We abide by the principle of “Entrusted by the client, Managing property for the client”, taking beneficiaries’ interest as the most important matter, fulfilling our obligation of honest, faithful and effective management, promoting our management standard consistently, enhancing inside risk management mechanism and developing a wide range of business lawfully. All these efforts contribute to the stable and sustainable development of our company.

?Shandong Trust actively implements the national macro-economic regulation policy and industrial policy. Rooted persistently in the real economy, we make great efforts to provide comprehensive marketing financial services for real economy through fully playing the unique advantages of trust, enriching products and services, strengthening risk management. We have played an important role in supporting the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, and promoting the development of strategic emerging industry.

?Shandong Trust continuously strengthens its financing support in the field of environment protection, comprehensive governance and green environment projects. We have provided trust financing services for the comprehensive treatment projects of Jinan Xiaoqinghe River, Weifang Bailanghe River, cooperated with the largest private-owned water treatment company in shandong, supported some sewage treatment projects in Qingdao and Zhucheng.

?According to the development characteristics and financial demands of small and medium-sized enterprises, we relieve effectively their financing problems through innovating trust business model, flexible product design and strict risk control measures, and meeting their growing financing demands with multi-channel and various manners. More than 100 thousand Small and Micro customers are benefited from the Ali star trust products established by our company and Alibaba Group.

·Shandong Trust strictly complies with the relevant policies and regulations, faithfully performs the trustee's management duties, and actively carries out various types of customer communication activities and investor education activities for the purpose of protecting the interests of beneficiaries.

·SITC actively practices the corporate culture of “Dedication of Love, Rewarding  to Society”, and actively carries out various public welfare activities such as disaster relief, regular donation and helping the poor. We provide professional charitable fund management service to Shandong Foundation for Disabled Persons, Shandong Warm Foundation and Shandong Charity Federation. We donated 1,042,450 yuan to areas affected by Lushan Earthquake through the China Trustee Association;donated 300,000 yuan to National Table Tennis Training Base for the Disabled through Jinan Foundation for Disabled Persons to support the development of sports for the disabled in China. We also cooperated with NGO groups to organize book and clothing donation activities.

·SITC takes the“2+1”model, that is, a party cadre and a young employee help a family in need together, and helps 48 needy families from 10 villages in Juye County, Heze City. In order to effectively solve the “empty shell” problem in collective economy, SITC also donated 3 million yuan for those 10 villages to build 100 steel structure vegetable greenhouses. The greenhouses have already been built up and put into use and play an exemplary role in driving economic growth.

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