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Comprehensive financial services trust for listed companies
Shandong Trust develops a series of trust products based on listed company stock. These products offer one-stop financial services to the shareholders of listed companies, such as financing, shares nomination and extra stock issuances, etc. In the business of stock pledge financing for listed companies, we create some trust brands as "Hengxin" series and "Luxin Zunxiang" series, which expand the financing channel for those excellent listed companies, and provide a convenient and efficient financing services for their subsequent development. To provide equity incentive services to listed companies’ executives, we launched “Shandong trust Hengying 2” trust plan with structured product design for the subscription of management layer. SITC also actively carries out the business of shares nomination on behalf of the equity holders of listed companies, which result in the launch of "Hengtai" series of trust products.
Family Trust
The essence of Family Trust is family wealth inheritance. It is getting more and more attention and favor among the domestic high net worth population. We actively carry out family trust business, and set up a family trust team trying to make this business an innovative business in transformation period. The first family trust business was signed in August 2014. Since then, we received more and more family trust projects. And there are a number of prospective family trust clients who are still at the negotiations. These clients are covering Shandong, Guangdong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Liaoning, Fujian and other provinces and cities.
We fulfill carefully the obligations of the trustee's prudent and effective management in business. On one hand, the privacy of clients’ property must be guaranteed. On the other hand, the management should realize an increase of the value of clients’ wealth. At the same time, it also could realize the succession planning and risk isolation of family wealth. Shandong Trust strengthens the cooperation with domestic outstanding private banks, insurance agencies and so on, which not only increase the number of customers and trust assets under management, but also enhance the standardization and efficiency of our company's family trust business management.
Charitable Trust
SITC has made great efforts in promoting charitable trusts/public welfare trusts, and tries to establish individual charitable trust products. We design a double beneficiary model that both the trustor and the recipient groups possess the beneficial right at the same time, which has been approved and acknowledged by official public welfare institutions and the market. Following the implementation of Charity Law in September 2016, the policies of charitable trusts become clearer. We are seeking opportunities on charitable trusts and succeed in being entrusted to manage 179 million Yuan charitable fund of Public Security Department of Shandong Province, which occupies the initiative advantage in charitable trust market, and also displays our company’s performance of social responsibility as a state-owned enterprise.
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