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Industrial and Commercial Enterprises Trust
Industrial and Commercial Enterprises Trust always plays a significant role in the businesses of SITC. Taking advantage of the trust system, applying various sophisticated manners as loans, receivables transfer, equity investment, property usufruct, financial leasing and so forth, SITC has served the development of real economy in many ways through leading and collecting social funds to invest together, through focusing on the work of serving local economic development, guaranteeing the people’s livelihood, as well as coordinating national macro policies. SITC have a series of industrial trust brands, such as Hengfu (Ever Wealth), Hengfeng (Evergrowing), Xinyuan , Hongyi, Yuantou, and The Yangtze River Fuyuan and so on. Furthermore, SITC has already launched a series of trust products concerning mining industry, green investment, marine shipping industry funds and so forth, which are comprehensively welcomed by investors.
Infrastructure Trust
Infrastructure Trust is specialized in investing major public infrastructure projects. SITC firmly grasps the social needs of people’s livelihood and increases the financing capability in infrastructure of people’s livelihood. In recent years, SITC financed more than 70 infrastructure financing projects, such as Jinan urban renewal project, reconstruction and extension of sewage conduit network in Weifang High-Tech Zone, municipal facilities of Jiaozhow Bay industrial base, etc. As a consequence, SITC realized the organic combination of the pursuit of economic benefits and social responsibility. In the meantime, SITC insists leading brand strategy so as to strive to build a professionalized trust brand, and has created a series of collective trust brands in infrastructure field, such as the brand of Minxiang, Hengyu, Hongyi, etc.
Real Estate Trust
Our real estate trusts focus on arranging debt or equity financing for real estate development projects. In December 2002, we established Qingdao Real Estate Development Loan Collective Fund Trust, which was the first real estate collective fund trust in Shandong province. While cooperating with top domestic real estate enterprises, SITC actively fulfills its social responsibilities in continuously developing the supporting real estate trust business, such as the low rent housing and economically affordable housing projects, etc. We issued Qingdao affordable housing trust plan. This project was highly evaluated by the affordable housing inspection team dispatched by the State Council, and was promoted as a model of affordable housing construction.
Securities Investment Trust
Shandong Trust make portfolio investments for the trustees’ funds in various products issued and traded in domestic open markets, including cash management, stock, bonds, funds and financial derivatives, for the purpose of achieving value maintenance and growth of clients’ financial property. SITC is one of the early trust companies in China that initiated sunshine private funds trust products. Therefore, we have the first-mover advantage. We have established a set of efficient and perfect business management system that covers the business process from front, middle, to the back-stage departments, from personnel configuration, software support, operational standards to risk control. We continuously strengthen the deep cooperation with the outstanding private investment managers in this field, and have launched a series of securities investment trust products with Zexi Investment, SunSource Investment, Long-term Investment, Dream Investment, and Shanghai Double-Sigma Investment, etc. We set up the first structured securities investment trust in China in 2003, established the first independent management securities investment trust in 2012. We try our best to step on a new level in the field of securities investment.
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